Friday, 3 October 2014

Super handy

I may be small but I pack a mean punch

I don't know about you but, my god, removing nail polish can be boring. BoooooORING!! Even the thought of having to do it makes me yawn.

So imagine my DELIGHT when I discovered Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover.

It was the day before I was traveling to Spain on holiday and I was in Beauty Travel Prep mode. I knew I didn't want to take my full size nail varnish remover with me but couldn't be bothered to decant it into a smaller bottle (although this is a great thing to do. The smaller the bottle the better. You know those teeny bottles of shampoo and shower gel you get at hotels? Keep em! They come in super handy when traveling).

I'd always been sceptical of 'Quickies' and pots of sponge-soaked nail varnish remover thinking they would just dry out leaving me having to resort to my nail varnish remover after all. But this little pot does exactly what it says on the outside and I'm even continuing to use it several weeks after my holiday.

How it works:
- simply dip your finger into wet pink sponge and twist (be careful not to tip the pot upside-down as its quite liquid at the bottom. I discovered this whilst twisting rather animatedly).

Why it works:
- its principle ingredient is acetone (acetone nail varnishes being the most effective at removing nail varnish. You can buy non-acetone removers but I find they take longer to work). Warning: Acetone will strip your nails of their natural moisture if left on the nail so be sure to wash your hands immediately after using and apply a generous splurge of hand cream or nail oil.
- the sponge saturates the entire nail dissolving nail varnish quickly and easily, even when wearing multiple layers e.g. base coat, 2x coats of colour and top coat.

Where to buy:
Boots (£2.79) and Superdrug (£2.99)

Not for toes:
Clever ol' me thought I would try removing the nail varnish on my toes(!) with the pot. Hahahahhahahaha. Don't do it. Unless you've got super long toes (you weirdo) you won't be able to dip them low enough to wet them.

Do you have a favourite nail product? A nail oil or cuticle cream? I'd love to know.

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